The Guatemala Connection

Calvary Church began partnering with Mynor and Heidi Olivaries, Seeds Guatemala, in 2014.  Pastor Ivan, along with his wife Dorothy, made their first journey into Jalapa, Guatemala in March of 2015.  It was both a fact finding mission and an opportunity to visit the schools of Guatemala and help deliver boots to the children.

One of the most touching moments was our visit to the local dump where mothers and young children live in make-shift houses of tarps.  They work the dump on a daily basis going through the garbage to find things of value like cardboard and other recyclables.  


Give Em Da Boot

Give Em Da Boot At the Seeds Conference in the fall of 2014 Heidi, in her report, highlighted the dire need of boots for the school children.  Many of the children wear rubbers that are torn and so worn that they do not know the experience of the comfort of dry feet. 

Ivan, upon returning to his Calvary Church gave a challenge to both his church and the children of Calvary Christian Academy to help raise money for boots as an expression or our thanksgiving to God.  He believes, literally (based on the words of Jesus - Matthew 25:34-46), that when wBad Bootse give a child a pair boots we are giving them to Jesus.  Enough money was raised to fit 400 children with new boots. 

Ivan and his wife Dorothy visited in March of 2015 and were able to personally bless the children with those new boots.  The look on their face most certainly made it worth it.

Children very excited over their boots.
It was exciting to see this vision continuted to be fulfilled with the help of both Calvary Church and Calvary Christian Academy in 2016 and have our church team deliver the boots in person to these very needy children.  Jesus said: "Whenever you did one of these things to someone overlooked or ignored, that was me—you did it to me."  Matthew 25:40 MSG

 The Guatemala Connection - 2016

It was a joy to take a team with me from my church in February of 2016.  

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