Project Seedlings

Calvary’s Pastor, Ivan Davis, fills the position of “Seeds Island Coordinator” for the country of Grenada for Seeds International. Based on this, Calvary Church has adopted Grenada as it’s island and is helping raise funds and sending teams to carry out the vision of Seeds International in this nation. All support through Calvary Church is used specifically to provide for the needs of the Grenada mission.

Grenada has 37 schools that are presently open to us with 1000 students in Grade 4 doing the seedling program.  Each team is responsible to supply funding for their project either through donations, whither personal or public and/or through other fundraising methods. We do supply each team member with a personal online funding page to help with their fundraising.


Seedlings Curriculum and Bible

Seedling Book, Bible and Medal  Project Seedlings is a "Behaviour Modification" curriculium taught on a grade 4 level helping shape the child in becoming a better citizen by introducing them to Christ who becomes the pattern for their lifestyle.  Project Seedlings brings a gift of eternal hope and happiness to children.  

Each Project Seedlings course contains: Bible

  • A Seeding Book - A 14-lesson study on the Gospel of Jesus Christ and some initial growth steps of Christian character.
  • A New Testament - Provided as a gift by the Canadian Bible Society.
  • A Gold Medal - For Outstanding Achievement for each child that
    completes the program.
  • A Folllow-Up Presentation - By a Project Seedlings Team from Canada which consist of puppets, song, drama, memory verse game, etc. done in an assembly either with the grade 4 class or with the entire school.
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